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Monday, 11 July 2005
Ashgabat hosts seminar on combating human trafficking
Topic: Foreign Relations
08 July, 2005. An educational seminar called “Combating Human Trafficking and Trading” opened in the Turkmen capital. Some 40 officers of the State Border Service and State Service on Registering Foreigners are attending the seminar which was organized by the Partnership for Peace training centre of the Turkish armed forces, jointly with the State Border Service of Turkmenistan.

In the course of the five-day seminar, Turkish specialists will deliver lectures on such issues as combating terrorism, arms smuggling, dugs, human trafficking and etc. Besides, the seminar participants will share practical experience with each other. In fact, the Turkmen side presented comprehensive information on the steps being undertaken by Turkmenistan in the field of combating terrorism and smuggling as well as on crime preventive measures in this field.

As the Ashgabat correspondent of reports, all the participants will be provided with appropriate certificates of the established international standard in the end of the seminar. It is planned that such seminars will be regularly held in Turkmenistan, no less than once a year.

Internet newspaper Turkmenistan.Ru

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 12:13 PM
Updated: Monday, 11 July 2005 12:15 PM
Wednesday, 6 July 2005
U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan Praises Turkmen-American Cooperation
Topic: Foreign Relations
U.S. Ambassador to Ashgabat Tracey Ann Jacobson liked traveling around the country very much

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the U.S. to Turkmenistan Tracey Ann Jacobson gave an interview to a correspondent of the State news agency (TDH).

- Tell us, please, a bit about yourself and your life.

- I came in Turkmenistan in August 2003. Almost two years have passed since that time. Time goes by so fast. Turkmenistan is my first assignment as Ambassador. In total, this is my fifth assignment in my diplomatic career. I worked in Seoul, Nassau, Moscow and Riga. I also worked in the State Department, Washington, and the National Security Council at the White House during Bill Clinton’s second term in office. However, as is known, an oversees assignment is what any diplomat desires most. An assignment to the countries with political and economic systems under transformation is particularly interesting. I hope it will be as much interesting in my remaining period in Turkmenistan as it was in the beginning.

I was raised in the international family. My father served in the U.S. Air Forces. My mother’s parents served in the British Army during WWII, and my sister married a navigator of the U.S. Navy. As for myself, I decided, after graduating from a University, that I would serve my country as a diplomat.

- You are heading the diplomatic mission with the 13-year work experience in Turkmenistan. What do you consider the most valuable of this experience?

- Development of mutual understanding between our two states and making a positive contribution to the development of Turkmenistan has been the top priority of our Embassy for the past 13 years.

We focus on the following four directions: promotion of democracy and human rights, reformation of economy and heath services and cooperation in the sphere of security. I am happy that we have achieved progress in our cooperation in the sphere of security, and I hope for the great progress in promotion of democracy and human rights as well as in cooperation in economy.

- What steps do you personally plan to undertake to further develop and strengthen relations between out countries?

- I believe one of the most important steps that I can undertake is to promote educational and professional exchanges. This is not only an opportunity for citizens of Turkmenistan to improve their skills in a new country but also a chance for Americans who meet them to learn more about Turkmenistan. Exchange programmes are our best instrument for deepening mutual understanding and development of relations. We sent 128 people to the United States this year under various programmes, and I would like this number to increase.

We also try to expand our activities outside Ashgabat, in the regions of Turkmenistan so that schoolchildren and students from all over the country could participate in our exchange programmes. We opened Internet-centers and conduct trainings all over the country. Our volunteers from Peace Corp work hard in the regional centers and villages. We launched a new programme this year to provide scholarships for English language learning. We plan to cooperate with the Ministry of education in realization of the program “PEAKS” on the partnership in the field of education. The main objective of these efforts is providing equal opportunities for schoolchildren and students in rural areas as well as in the cities to learn English language and their further participation in the exchange programmes.

We look to the expansion of our cooperation with the government of Turkmenistan in the field of security. We want to help Turkmenistan to strengthen its borders and fight international crime such as drugs and human trafficking. I hope that during my tenure as Ambassador we will be able to expand our cooperation in this field through granting equipment, holding training seminars and exchange programmes.

I think it is very important for us to continue getting to know Turkmenistan, including its vision of the future and our role as its partner. In this regard, I hope I will be able to continue developing trustworthy businesslike relations with President S.A.Niyazov and representatives of the government.

- What have you been able to see and feel deeply in Turkmenistan? To what extent do your impressions of our country differ from the original expectations?

- I grew up in California. The climate in my native city and in Ashgabat is almost the same. That is why I felt myself at home from the very beginning. The first distinctive feature that I noted immediately was boundless hospitality of the Turkmen people. I liked traveling around the country very much. I visited each region two times as minimum. Ashgabat is a beautiful country, but I think it is important for diplomats to visit every corner of the country to understand the way people live, work and think. I liked meeting with leaders of civil society, businessmen and graduates of our exchange programmes all over the country, especially with young people. Before I came here, I was told that the main wealth of Turkmenistan was its oil and chemical resources. Now, I know that people are the main wealth of Turkmenistan.

State news agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 12:04 PM
Updated: Wednesday, 6 July 2005 12:08 PM
Wednesday, 29 June 2005
Red Cross, Turkmenistan Agree to Deepen Cooperation
Topic: Foreign Relations
Ashgabat, 29 June 2005 (nCa) --- During a high level meeting Tuesday, Turkmenistan and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) agreed to deepen mutual cooperation.

President Saparmurat Niyazov and Professor Jacques Forster, Vice-President, International Committee of the Red Cross, discussed a wide range of issues.

It was decided that an agreement for long-term cooperation would be prepared. An important point in the agreement would be the humanitarian legislation training for the armed forces of Turkmenistan under the Geneva Convention.

Turkmenistan is a signatory to the Geneva Convention.

Niyazov reassured Forster that his country continued to pay serious attention to the collaboration with the ICRC.

“Turkmenistan completely shares the noble objectives and charter of the International Committee of Red Cross and is ready to expand efforts in support of humanitarian activity of ICRC,” said Niyazov.

The sides expressed satisfaction with the present level of mutual interaction. Forster especially mentioned the successful implementation of assistance programme for Afghanistan, signed between ICRC and Turkmenistan in 1998. He also praised the achievements of ICRC delegation in Turkmenistan.

Forster noted that Turkmenistan was the first Asian country to abolish death penalty. He also lauded the amnesty programme of Turkmenistan that sets free almost 50% of the prisoners every year on Gadyr Gije – The Night of Power in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

After his meeting with Niyazov, Forster told the press, “I was privileged to meet the head of the state. We had very good meeting and we discussed perspectives for cooperation in the future.”

“I am confident that our relations would develop well in future,” said Forster.

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 2:26 PM
Friday, 17 June 2005
British Ambassador Makes Farewell Call on Niyazov
Topic: Foreign Relations
Ashgabat, 7 June 2005 (nCa) --- Ambassador Paul Brummell made Monday farewell call on President Saparmurat Niyazov. His tenure as British ambassador to Turkmenistan is coming to an end.

President Niyazov thanked Ambassador Brummell for his exceptional efforts in promoting Ashgabat as regional peace centre where international community can join hands in finding solutions for global stability and development. He also thanked the British envoy for building on already excellent relations between the Great Britain and Turkmenistan.

Ambassador Brummell expressed his gratitude to Niyazov for extending all possible support in building the traditional ties between the two countries.

Brummell has been one of the most successful ambassadors in Turkmenistan. His stay in Ashgabat would be long remembered for the rich tapestry of cultural and social events that he kept going during the three years of his stay here.

Besides enriching the social life of Ashgabat, Brummell worked on a number of multifarious projects to integrate Turkmenistan into the international community.


Posted by countryturkmenistan at 9:21 AM
Updated: Tuesday, 21 June 2005 1:46 PM
Saturday, 14 May 2005
Turkmenistan Commits to 5 Years Plan of Action Under UNDAF
Topic: Foreign Relations
Ashgabat, 29 March 2005 (nCa) --- UN system in Ashgabat and the government of Turkmenistan signed Tuesday five years plan of action under the framework of UNDAF (United Nations Development Assistance Framework).

In a meeting held at the foreign office, UNDP, UN Population Fund and UNICEF inked the documents that would provide roadmap for the next five years for interaction between Turkmenistan and the UN system.

The plans of action, covering the period 2005-2009, have been prepared by the joint efforts of the Turkmen government and UN system.

Members of international organizations and their counterparts from various ministries and departments were present during the signing ceremony.

Khaled Philby, head of UNDP in Turkmenistan and the resident coordinator of the UN system, expressed gratitude to the government of Turkmenistan for extending active help and support in preparation of action plans that would help implement the development and assistance goals of the United Nations.

The framework agreement under which these action plans have been prepared was signed in Ashgabat on 27 February 2004.

The UNDAF is the planning framework for development operations of the UN system at country level. It consists of common objectives and strategies of cooperation, a programme resource framework and proposals for follow-up, monitoring and evaluation.

The UNDAF lays the foundation for cooperation among the UN System, government and other development partners through the preparation of a complementary set of programmes and projects. As a consequence, it enables the UN system to achieve the goal-oriented collaboration, coherence and mutual reinforcement called for by the UN General Assembly.

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 11:01 PM

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