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Monday, 22 August 2005
Turkmenistan Introduces Structural Changes in Oil and Gas Sector
Topic: Economy & business
Ashgabat, 23 August 2005 (nCa) --- President Niyazov introduced Monday a number of organizational changes to streamline the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan.

The law of Turkmenistan “About Hydrocarbon Resources” has been amended to give direct contractual powers to the ministry of oil and gas industry and mineral resources of Turkmenistan. The words “competent authority” have been replaced by “ministry of oil and gas industry and mineral resources of Turkmenistan” in the entire text of the law.

Ministry of oil and gas would now exercise direct supervision over the three main wings of oil and gas complex.

“Minister of oil and gas should have three deputies – head of Turkmenneftgaz corporation, head of state concern Turkmenneft and head of the state concern Turkmengaz,” said President Niyazov during a meeting of cabinet of ministers Monday.

“Every month you should report on the progress on foreign agreements and you must also report monthly the production of oil and gas,” said Niyazov.

It appears that Turkmengeologia would be merged with the exploration department.

Niyazov tasked the heads of oil and gas complex to create a common council on oil and gas exploration. He also demanded better exploration activity.

“You have to discover new oil and gas fields; more new deposits than we already have,” he said.

Speaking of the need for transparency, Niyazov said that suuitable organizational and administrative conditions should be created to avoid any abuse, including in the sphere of interstate cooperation.

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 11:01 PM
Wednesday, 10 August 2005
Turkmenistan Releases Economic Statistics for Jan-Jul 05 Period
Topic: Economy & business
GDP Growth in Turkmenistan up 20.5% in Jan-Jul Assessment, Economy Growing

Ashgabat, 11 August 2005 (nCa) --- Statistics released by Turkmenistan for the Jan-Jul 2005 period indicate that the GDP has maintained a steady growth rate of 20.5% for the period under review. All sectors of economy maintained strong activity.

Industrial sector posted 18.7% growth, agriculture 19.9%, construction 17.2%, transport and communication 17.4 for the Jan-Jul period.

Trade and services sectors reported 28.4% and 23.2% increase in volume compared to the same period of last year.

Oil and gas sector continued to register healthy activity. Extraction of oil was 5.679 million tons and gas 37.344 billion cubic meters during the reported period. Out of this volume, 26.984 billion cubic meters of gas was exported to Ukraine, Russia and Iran.

Production of liquefied gas increased by 16%, mostly because of the Nayep LPG complex that came on line at the end of last year. Further increase in LPG capacity is expected when Bagazha and Yashildepe plants come in production.

Lube oil production increase by 4% and polypropylene by 3% during the first seven months of this year.

Petrol production registered an imperceptible 0.1% rise and diesel oil 1% during the review period.

Power generation showed 10% gain. During the Jan-Jul period, 7.378 billion kWh of electricity was produced in Turkmenistan.

Building materials industry returned high growth figures; cement production rose by 230%, sheet glass 11% and non-metallic building material 10%.

Textile industry retained its trend of brisk growth. Cotton yarn production was up by 16%, cotton fabrics 4%, hosiery products 1%, silk yarn 42%, and washed wool 12%.

Canned meat production expanded by 26%, confectionery products 4%, and vegetable oil 4%.

Production of non-alcoholic beverages improved by 16%.

Wheat output was up by 9%, vegetables 7%, melons and gourd 5%, potatoes 10%, fruit and berries 4%, and grapes 9%.

Livestock population showed steady increase. Horned cattle increased by 2%, sheep and goat 7%.

Meat production increased by 9%, milk 11%, eggs 10%, and wool 6%.

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 11:01 PM
Tuesday, 2 August 2005
Turkmenistan is Buying $ 19 mln Worth of Tractors in Belarus
Topic: Economy & business
Association for agricultural services “Turkmenobahyzmat” has signed a contract with Belarus “Minsk tractor plant” for the purchase of 500 units of “Belarus 1221” tractors and 500 units of “Belarus 80X” tractors totaling US $ 13,125 mln and US $ 5,540 mln respectively.

“Turkmenobahyzmat” also signed a contract with Belarus “Minsk tractor gear plant” for the purchase of 500 units of “PLN 4-35 P-2 T” ploughs amounting to US $ 755,000.

A consignment of Belarus tractors and ploughs will arrive in Turkmenistan by December 31, 2005. New equipment will be used during preparation of agricultural lands for sowing campaign 2006, the Ashgabat correspondent of reports.

Internet Newspaper Turkmenistan.Ru

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 3:46 PM
Friday, 29 July 2005
Job Fair Floats 1100 New Vacancies in Turkmenistan
Topic: Economy & business
Turkmenistan Job Fair Showcases 1100 Job Opportunities

Ashgabat, 29 July 2005 (nCa) --- A job fair started Thursday in Ashgabat that showcases 1100 new vacancies for the skilled and unskilled workers of Turkmenistan.

Job fairs are held regularly in Turkmenistan to bring together the employers and job-seekers.

This year’s job fair features about 90 organizations in the public and private sector that have shown interest in hiring.

Major employers are civil engineering and municipal services firms, transportation enterprises, and construction companies. Most of jobs on offer are in the construction sector.

Turkish companies Gap Inshaat, Hayyat and Polimeks are the leaders in this job fair with 129, 55 and 120 available vacancies respectively.

Public sector has also come up with a large number of vacancies. Major slot is available for heavy vehicle drivers where 150 vacancies are available for trolley bus and motor transport drivers.

There is special emphasis for job opportunities for boys and girls of 16-17 years as they must gain two years work experience before entering the institutions of higher learning.

The next job fair would be held in autumn.

Hiring, however, is not limited to the job fairs. District and provincial centres provide year-round service to match the job-seekers with the prospective employers.

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 1:37 PM
Wednesday, 27 July 2005
Turkish Company to Build $68 mln Worth of Apartment Blocks, Kindgarten and Trading Centre
Topic: Economy & business
27 July 2005. The Turkish company Sehil has made a record contract for construction of seven tower blocks, a kindergarten and a trading centre in Ashgabat. Almost 280 families will celebrate house-warming parties and 160 children will go to the new kindergarten in the southern part of the Turkmen capital in October 2006. the total sum of the project including construction of the underground parking place and improvement of the adjacent territory is around 68 million US dollars.

The customers and future owners of those objects are the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Central State Tax Service, the State Insurance Organisation of Turkmenistan, the Central Bank, the Turkmenistan State Commercial Bank and the Senagat Joint-Stock Commercial Bank. The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Central State Tax Service will be financed from the State budget, the rest will pay for construction at their own expense.

Such a large contract made by the company can be explained by the high quality and timely fulfillment of the construction operations made by it. Last year Sehil put into operation the largest and most comfortable kindergarten in our country, several houses for the law-enforcement agencies and the Turkmen-Turkish Friendship Park in Gindivar opened two months ago.

The Turkish builders complete reconstructing the Ashgabat Hotel. The white-marble building of the hotel, one of the first tower ones in the capital, will be decorated with stained-glass windows and the adjacent territory will be part of the theatre square constructed in that district. Sehil will be also a subcontractor of construction of a metallurgical plant near Ashgabat.

With the beginning of construction of anew complex in Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue the amount of contract objects of Sehil makes it one of the leaders on the construction market of Turkmenistan.

State Information Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

Posted by countryturkmenistan at 1:43 PM
Updated: Wednesday, 27 July 2005 1:44 PM

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